What You Need To Know About A Futon Mattress

How Do Traditional And Futon Mattresses Compare?

Traditional Futon MattressWhen it comes to topics that are near and dear to people’s hearts, it is hard not to include great sleeping on that list.  And if you are wanting deep, peaceful sleep, then I would recommend the foamglobes’ affordable futon mattress as a great choice.  We will discuss why through this article and on this site.  If you find that you have a particular question about owning a new futon, search our site.  I’m sure it is covered somewhere.

One of the most important ideas regarding your sleeping futon will be its comfort.  This seems like an obvious statement but it actually encompasses several points.  One of the greatest steps that have taken place more recently has been the comparability between traditional and futon mattresses.  In other words, in the past, you would have had to sacrifice some of the modern comfort conveniences to own a more flexible option in the futon.  Now, this simply is not the case.

A Futon Has Much More In The Way Of Convenience Than A Traditional Mattress

futon brownIf you are new to the futon world, then you might only be aware of the old notion of what they were for.  In the past, these beds were relegated to the college dorm room or poor student set.  Now, because of the advances, we will get to in a moment and because of the flexibility that a sofa-sleeper allows, they have come back in vogue.

Probably the most arguable point in favor of owning a futon-sofa-couch is its ease of use and convenience.  When you do a fair amount of entertaining or hosting, it is likely that you may have some unexpected overnight guests.  This is not a problem with a futon sofa-sleeper type bed.  This can easily convert from the couch at the party to bed for the evening.  And, the best part is, it does not lose anything in the way of comfort doing so.  If you have ever been a guest at someone’s home who had one of these fold-out couch beds you know how that bar always seems to hit you right in the middle of the back making a good night’s sleep all but impossible.  Not so with a futon bed.  These are very comfortable and easy to convert.  No worry about removing the cushions, folding it out, getting the sheets on, stooping over or stubbing your toes or banging your knees on that hard metal frame.

Another Thing To Consider Is Futon Mattress Material Options

You might be thinking that this is where the old traditional mattress will win out.  Granted, there are definitely more options in general when it comes to brands and models of the normal types.  However, what has happened is that the manufacturing of mattress materials have changed quite a bit and this has allowed for greater parity between the two.  Where you once only had access to spring coils in a traditional bed, now is offered in futon styles.  The futon mattress actually has the lead in some categories now!  They also have more natural materials offered at reasonable prices, as well as memory foam and toppers.

A futon mattress will help avoid feeling like you’re sleeping on a bed of nails.

Many of the more traditionally produced mattresses contain chemical agents either used in production or for fire resistance that can cause some people health problems.  Many times, this is due to the off-gassing created by these volatile compounds being released into the home and, specifically, breathing them in while your head is rested and sleeping for hours. Since they make crib mattresses this way too, if you are looking for your child, you might consider this. You could look long and hard for the downside, but you may come up noticeably shorter these days.  The old futon that had problems with flattening out after just a little use and becoming landfill material with a short life span is gone.  The in-fill now is made with better quality and long lasting materials.  I never thought I would see the day of the individually wrapped inner coil spring futon bed mattress.

The Traditional Japanese Futon Mattress

Traditional Japanese Futon MattressNo initial discussion about futons would be complete if we didn’t mention a bit about the history of this type of mattress.  In a traditional sense, the development of the futon was from a floor-sleeping type of approach.  That is to say, there was a mat – tatami – that was used beneath the mattress itself.  This mattress portion of the futon is called the Shiki or Shiki-button or shiki-futon.  Then, there is an often quilted, soft upper cover portion.  This piece is known as the kake or kake-buton or kake-futon.  So, what you would have is a two-part system that would combine these to give you a traditional Japanese futon mattress.  There is more history to this futon story, but you can read more about that by following the link above.  The point is that we have adopted the futon and then adapted it to fit our own Western lifestyle.  There is nothing wrong with change, in fact, it is sometimes how the most innovative home products come about.

The Organic Cotton Futon Mattress

Some organic cotton ready to be used for your futon.

There has been a tremendous push in the last 5-7 years to go ‘green’ with all things related to the home, whether they be household products or things like cleaners and even food choices.  This whole movement has come about because we are thinking more proactively about the way we use our products and the way in which we co-exist within our environment.  So, it should come as no surprise that the child’s bed.

Your kid’s bed is the place where they will fuel up and heal and do all the other magical things that happen to the body with restful sleep.  The last thing that you would want is for you or your child to be breathing in toxic fumes or gasses each night.  Of course you don’t want this, however, you might not even know it exists.  There has been a large trend in children toward more cases of asthma and allergies than ever before.  The scariest part about it is that we don’t always know why this is the case.  There are theories and we know that air pollution, pollens, and other airborne issues are part of the problem, but this is not the complete answer.  The real question is what can you do to help with the outcome.

One thing you can do is use as clean a bed as possible.  Clean not in terms of having the sheets washed thoroughly, though this helps, but having the mattress be as healthy as possible.  This is often referred to as a natural mattress.  It is really nothing more than a mattress constructed of materials that have not been treated with chemical agents to make them more easily grown or processed.  There are other ‘natural’ choices, too, like a latex futon mattress made of natural materials.  Another term for this could be organic.


This organic futon looks just like any other – it’s what it’s made of that matters.

In this case, an organic cotton futon is a very feasible and popular choice.  While these are not quite yet the mainstream way to buy a mattress, they soon could be.  If you knew how healthy organic mattresses were, you would be more than willing to pay slightly more for them.  In terms of a conventional organic mattress, the price tag might be in the thousands, not hundreds, even for a queen.  If we’re talking about a futon mattress that is constructed of organically grown cotton or other organic materials, like hemp, the cost is still higher than that of a traditional futon, but much less than the conventional style.  An organic queen size futon is more likely to fall within the $500 USD range – much less than a traditional bed!

Just like with our foods, organic properties ensure that at least you are starting with a chemical free product.  This doesn’t mean that you will end up with something that is completely free from agents that may or may not affect sensitive folks, but the chances are much more in your favor going organic.  A natural mattress implies that these materials were harvested and grown in a way that Mother Earth intended.

There are also organic clothing items that are reported to help people in the same way that we are discussing here.  So, whether you fear the off-gassing that has been anecdotally reported to cause a wide range of health disturbances or you just want to get a great night’s sleep resting your head down on an all-natural mattress, maybe even covered in organic bedding, either choice ends with a great result.  You can’t go wrong with a natural organic cotton futon as your primary bed or in a child’s room.

One Closing Thought About Your Futon Mattress

Because of the nature of the flexibility of a futon bed, you may be researching one as a sofa-sleeper for an additional room or as your main sleeping bed in your master bedroom.  In each case, a different type of frame could be considered.  Because most temporary guest sleeping arrangements require a smaller sized bed, the frame will usually only afford you the flexibility of some minor storage of magazines and such or have armrests.  On the other hand, if you go with a queen or king size, you can opt for more elaborate headboard designs that incorporate various shelving and storage.  Likewise, the futon frame itself could lend itself to storage options.  So, the next time you hear the words “futon mattress”, you don’t have to think that someone is shortchanging their guests.  They might actually be designing quite a flexible yet comfortable and elegant space.