How I Use Instagram to Promote My Photography Business

I like photography, but there are so many out there now that call themselves photographers. What makes it even worse is the lack of a discerning eye of most of the people who look at pictures, especially ones posted online. Yes, you can snap a pic with a cellphone that looks good. However, there is really no comparison to using a high-end pro DSLR to capture an image. I like people to see the difference between pro and amateur photography. Not long ago I would buy Instagram followers to build up my Instagram. I wanted to get my work out there in front of more eyes, and the Instagram algorithm was not helping me.

I had to get followers to get my work seen, and I could not get followers without people seeing the pics. Sort of a catch twenty-two situation. Continue reading

I Want to Quit My Job

For years, I worked at a company that I absolutely did not like. I had very little choice though because I live in a depressed area, and those of us who have jobs are considered very lucky. I still did not like what I was doing, and I also did not care for the way management treated those of us on the production line. I knew that I needed to change my situation if I was going to keep my sanity. I found out about a Amazing Selling Machine review 2017 not that long ago, and it jut felt right to learn more about it.

I love shopping on Amazon, and I knew that people could sell on there too. Continue reading