The Joy of Giving Lessons

When my daughter was old enough to be responsible enough to take care of an instrument, I asked her what she wanted to play. She told me she had loved hearing violins in music and would love to play that instrument. I decided for her birthday to find her a violin class in Singapore to go to and to learn. When her birthday came up, me and my husband gave her a violin. She looked up at us and said “I don’t know how to play!” and my husband got to tell her that we got her lessons. She was so excited!

The first lesson she had, she was so nervous and kept asking if we were doing the right thing and was worried that she was going to fail at playing. Continue reading

I Want to Quit My Job

For years, I worked at a company that I absolutely did not like. I had very little choice though because I live in a depressed area, and those of us who have jobs are considered very lucky. I still did not like what I was doing, and I also did not care for the way management treated those of us on the production line. I knew that I needed to change my situation if I was going to keep my sanity. I found out about a Amazing Selling Machine review 2017 not that long ago, and it jut felt right to learn more about it.

I love shopping on Amazon, and I knew that people could sell on there too. Continue reading