Non-Exclusive Beat Policy

Ultimate Force Records Electronic Contract-(Standard Lease Sample)
All electronic standard leases will be stored on’s leasing database.


Electronic Contract- This is a Digital Contract for any Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black original musical compositions
purchased on This contract can be for one or more musical compositions.
Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black has full ownership of all compositions and records of all transactions that will entitle a
client of their purchase regarding this binding agreement.

Terms and Conditions

I. The musical compositions, sounds, and tags are sold by Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black will remain the property of
Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black. The original compositions are licensed and not sold for use in any musical, artistic, business and multimedia financial exclusive gain. You can use standard leased beats for sale in album, mix-tape, or single paid internet download. All standard leases are royalty free. Licensee may sale unlimited copies through the specified mediums.

Producer information must be on information list.

Example Credits
Music produced by Sporty Black
Music © 2012 All Rights Reserved.
MP3 Files Must Include – Produced by Sporty Black

II .The right to use Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black musical compositions is granted to the Licensee. This license grants
Licensee the non-exclusive right to use Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black musical compositions so long as credit is given to
Sporty Black.

III. It is specifically implicit and agreed upon that Licensee does not acquire any ownership rights or any
primary copyrights, and that Licensor retains all rights in the musical compositions obtained from
Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black.

IV. The License prohibits resale or other distribution of Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black musical compositions. Licensee
cannot sell, loan, lease, disperse, or reassign all or any of the products sold under Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black to
another user, or for use in any competitive product.


V. PayPal, check, or money order are accepted as forms of payments for musical
compositions or products. Personal or financial information will not be exposed to in
any way. Licensee Credit Card transactions will be secured and will not be disclosed to others.

Product Download

VI. Once a product is purchased, an instant download will be available in High- Quality. There is
however, NO REFUNDS

VII. Once a client has purchased a beat, the client information will be placed in leasing database. The database contains the client’s name, beat name, time purchased, phone number, and amount paid.

Unofficial use or replication is a violation of this agreement. Any infringement of copyright will be
pursued to the fullest extent of the law.