Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

It’s not too often that Sun Tzu and Al Pacino in “The Godfather” give the same advice. This adage is a wise business strategy: Keep track not only what your business partners are doing but what your competitors are involved in as well. Many companies use winning and losing as a scorecard in their business. However, sometimes working together with a competitor is the best way to achieve a common business goal.

Adam Brandenburger called this “co-optition.”

Bill Gates has purportedly referred to it as “sometimes the lambs have to lie down with the wolves.” In fact, most businesses practice some form of cooperation with their competitors. Your company winning doesn’t mean that your competitor always loses. Conversely, when you fail, it doesn’t mean that you totally lose. Continue reading

QNET Expo in Côte d’Ivoire Brings New Business Opportunities for West African

Global direct sales company QNET gave 15,000 budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn more about the company’s diverse range of products and meet with top management at an expo held at Espace Crystal, Abidjan.

The two-day expo, which began on 13 April 2012, saw the launch of QInfinite, QNET’s enhanced version of their proven compensation plan. Continue reading