2.0″ Visco2 Ventilated Mattress Enhancer Review

The 2.0” Visco2 ventilated mattress enhancer by Sleep Better is a cheap memory foam mattress topper that will turn any old mattress into a comfortable night’s sleep. If you can’t afford to replace your old mattress entirely, than a mattress topper (like this one) is a great alternative to get even more life out of your mattress.

2” Visco2 Ventilated Mattress Enhancer Details

  • Open Cell ViscO2 ventilated memory foam
  • 5 times as much air flow as other memory foam
  • Uses plant based ingredients (eco friendly*)
  • Gives comfort, support and relief from pressure points
  • 2 inches high

(*although it states eco friendly please see our customer complaints below for why it may not be)

2 Inches Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This ventilated mattress enhancer is 2 inches high and gives you the benefit of memory foam without committing to a new mattress. Instead it will give new life to an old mattress without costing you a boatload.

Open Cell ViscO2 Memory Foam

The mattress topper is made from a high performance memory foam – ViscO2 – which allows 5 times as much air flow as other memory foams keeping you cooler and more comfortable. The ViscO2 memory foam also improved air circulation from head-to-toe but also supports you well too.

Gives Support & Better Body Alignment

The 2.0” Visco2 ventilated mattress enhancer will help support your body and give your body better alignment (supporting the spine) for a better night’s sleep.

Minimises Motion Transfer

It also minimizes motion transfer so that if you need to get up in the night or fidget, you won’t disturb your partner.


Just like all memory foam, this mattress topper is hypo-allergenic.

MicroSafe Treatment

The Visco2 ventilated mattress enhancer has been treated with an environmentally safe anti-microbial treatment called MicroSafe. This combats bad odors and prevents the growth of mold, fungi and mildew.

Available Sizes

The 2 inch Visco2 ventilated mattress enhancer is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king sizes.


This memory foam mattress topper comes with a 2 year warranty and is made in the USA.


The 2 inch Visco2 ventilated mattress enhancer is available for under $100. By buying from Amazon you can get up to 68% off the retail price. The twin size mattress topper comes in at just under $50 and the California King is available for around $90.

What Customers Say

Customers who bought the 2.0” Visco2 ventilated mattress enhancer gave it an average rating of 4,5 out of 5. This is a top rating and customers were extremely pleased with their purchase. Most customers found the memory foam mattress topper to be comfortable and gave them a good night’s sleep. Customers also loved that the mattress topper was cheap too.

Customer comments included:

  • “…I picked this up when it was on sale, and couldn’t be happier with it…This fits perfectly, lost its weird odor in about two days, and is cooler than just my unpadded mattress. And, while it doesn’t make my mattress seem comfy enough to be brand new, its more than comfy enough to put off buying a new one a while longer.”
  • “This visco elastic is the same as the ones out there going for close to $200.00. It came packaged nicely and the first night on my hospital bed i have at home i can’t tell you the pressure it took off my back and the comfort. Being i have 4 herniated discs, 8 pinched nerves and both problems with my si joints among other health issues, the 2 inch was very plush and has yet to lose it’s comfort and go down like pillows to. Excellent price and excellent product…”
  • “I am delighted with my choice. No more pressure points. Very little tossing and turning. No bad foam rubber odor. Very, very comfortable. This pad will not turn a worn out old mattress into a new one, but if you have a good supportive mattress that is just a bit uncomfortable, this is a really good thing.”
  • “This may sound strange, but my wife and I bought this as a topper for our memory foam bed!…The topper brought us immediate relief. And our bed is now much cooler than it was before we added the topper. It’s like a brand new bed! We love it.”
  • “I got this pad to use on the very old twin mattress I sleep on when I visit my mother in Buffalo…The pad is just the right combination of firm and soft. Definitely recommend this for anyone dealing with an old uncomfortable mattress.”
  • “I bought this product based on reviews, which were very good, and I’m adding my own good review…I still get hot at night, but not any more now than I did before the pad…I still love it to death and am more confident of memory foam now!“

Customer Complaints?

Despite the FoamGlobes memory foam mattress reviews having an overall great rating, some customers were disappointed and unhappy with the memory foam mattress topper they received.

One of the main issues that kept arising was that the mattress topper was too warm (even in Winter). Despite the fact that the memory foam mattress enhancer being well ventilated, did not seem to make a difference to it causing people to overheat. One customer stated that there was no difference with other memory foam toppers that didn’t boast ventilation technology. However, only some some customers found this, many found that they had a comfortable night’s sleep on the topper and didn’t overheat.

One customer commented on the eco-friendliness of the mattress topper:

  • “…eco-friendly – it’s polyurethane so I don’t understand this labeling. It is treated with an aloe extract so maybe that is what the manufacturer is claiming as “eco-friendly.” The manufacturers website does not give further details…”

Customer comments/complaints about the 2.0” Visco2 ventilated mattress enhancer included:

  • “This mattress pad bears no resemblance to “memory foam.” It is merely a 2-inch thick piece of foam rubber with holes in it, something that probably cost $5 to produce. The only conceivable use for it is if your mattress is too firm, this will make it softer.”
  • “There was just “something” about it that was not comfortable. We both tossed and turned all night. The bed was too warm…and it was winter time. We didn’t want to take a chance of roasting in the summer so we returned it to the company. The return process was very easy and we appreciated being reimbursed quickly”
  • “I have tried many foam toppers, and this is just as hot as the others.”
  • “I expected a cooler more comfortable sleep. Very disappointed.”
  • “It’s not uncomfortable per se, but it’s just not that comfortable, though neither my husband and I can quite figure out why. Some people have said it’s too soft. I’ve actually found it to be a bit too hard for me. I don’t sink into it much.”
  • “It’s an unbranded, large piece of foam that’s not cut very carefully. It came simply rolled in an oily plastic shrink wrap. No labels, no information, nothing.”
  • “It’s definitely not as heavy as the description claims.”

Despite the customer complaints to the ventilated mattress enhancer, the majority of the customer comments were positive and had nothing but praise for the memory foam mattress topper. Overall the 2.0″ Visco2 Ventilated Mattress Enhancer is cheap (available for under $100), comfortable for most people and gives you a great alternative to buying an entirely new mattress.

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