Ross Pruden’s Favorites Of The Week: Hand Me The Keys (Or I’ll Take Them)

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This week, Techdirt had a good crop of articles about enablers and gatekeepers. First up is the amazing story of 72 year old music legend Lester Chambers and how his newest chapter is currently being written on Kickstarter. As you may recall, Lester Chambers got screwed by the music industry:

Now 72, Lester is being given a second chance by a new (the original?) group of enablers — his fans. Chambers’ music was popular before I was even born, but Alexis Ohanian has thrown down the gauntlet to prove this kind of thing is possible. After hearing Lester’s story, I was moved to pony up $35. Honestly, I don’t even know Chambers’ music, but that’s not really the point; this is mainly about showing all artists (and skeptics) once more that we, the people, are the enablers and that the old gatekeepers don’t hold all the keys anymore. Continue reading