Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been asked every question you can think of (and probably some you can’t) so we decided to drop all the answers on to this page so you can get instant answers to your questions. Simply locate the question you have below, click on it, and the answer will immediately be shown.
How do I buy a beat exclusively?
The only beats that we offer exclusively (that are only sold to one person) are the ones on our Exclusive Beats page.
All our other beats listed on our Beats For Sale page are sold non-exclusively, meaning they can be sold to multiple people. However, you can still buy the full usage rights to these beats by purchasing the Tracked Out versions of them. The Tracked Out License Agreement grants you the full and unlimited rights to sell, distribute, perform and broadcast (TV, radio, Internet) the song you make with that beat, keeping all of the royalties.

Since our Tracked Out License Agreement offers the buyer the non-exclusive full usage rights to a beat, we are unable to offer these same beats exclusively. However, if the song you make with a Tracked Out beat becomes a hit and you would like us to stop selling it on our site, we will be willing to workout a deal.

Are beats removed from the website once bought?
No. When an exclusive beat is bought, it will no longer be available for sale or download, but it will remain on the website and be listed as “SOLD.” When a non-exclusive beat is bought, it will remain on the website and can still be bought by others. The next question and answer will explain how the same beat can be bought by multiple people.
Why do only some beats have WAV and Tracked Out versions available?
If a beat does not have a WAV or Tracked Out version available, this only means that those audio files for that have not been prepared and uploaded to Jee Juh’s server yet. We are currently working to prepare and upload as many WAV and Tracked Out files as we can, but if there is a certain one that you would like made available sooner than the others, please make a request: WAV/Tracked Out Request
Will you sign me to your label?
At the moment we are not signing artists.