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Super Dope Producer




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J.R. Rotem Producer

Music Producer, Song Writer, President
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In looking at J.R. Rotem’s accomplishments as a music producer, song writer and record label president, one can’t believe just how much this super music man has achieved in the past four years.

In 2005, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Game, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna and most of the other top names in the music industry found a new collaborator in producer songwriter J.R. Rotem.

By 2006, the list grew to include Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Mario, Lil Scrappy, Jojo, Mobb Deep, JLo and Natasha Bedingfield, just to name a few. By the end of the year, J.R. Rotem was named by MTV, along with Timbaland and Swizz Beats, as “Super Producer” of the year. From producing Rihanna’s worldwide #1 single “S.O.S.” to securing a joint venture label deal with Epic/Sony, J.R. had become an unstoppable producer.  

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Dr. Dre Beat Box

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His new favorite is the Beatbox


Dr. Dre at the unveiling of Beats By Dre on October 11, 2011While fans are still eagerly awaiting Detox, Dr. Dre can at least ensure that when the much-anticipated album does arrive, fans will have a vast array of premium listening options.




Last week, the Good Doctor was in New York along with Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine to unveil the latest Beats by Dre headphone line. While Dre had much to say about the David Guetta-inspired DJ headphone and a wireless set, he seemed particularly fond of the new Beats boombox and iPod dock.

According to Dre, he has a Beatbox in every room of his house and even uses the speakers to judge his studio mixes. "Before now, I've always taken my mixes out to the car and listened to them in the parking lot," the Doc told MTV News. "I still do that, but more so now I'm listening to it on the Beatbox, and I think people should give it at least a listen and check it out and see what it is."

Not that his car isn't an option. In April, Beats by Dre announced a partnership with Chrysler, which would place a Beats-designed sound system into the new Chrysler 300S. Ever the pitchman, Dre compared the 300S to a Bentley.

"Yeah, the Chrysler, that sounds incredible," Dre boasted. "They actually pulled the Chrysler up to my driveway and we compared the sound to the stock system that's in the Bentley, and I don't hear the difference."


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About Me

Pulse Magazine Interview

ernmoneySo, you want to be a Rock-Star… Where do you start? First, a little talent wouldn’t hurt. Next, you’ll need help from people who know what to do next. It’s just that simple. So, as a full-time working musician in the SW Florida area but far from Rock-Star material, I was curious if there were any local businesses that might provide any services to singers/musicians that wish to bump their game up to the next level.

 Although Naples has a great local music scene, it’s not Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Austin, Seattle or Chicago so I thought I would be hard pressed to complete the task of finding such a place. But, I was able to find a Naples based business that is pretty much a one-stop-shop for aspiring divas, pop-idols and Hip-Hop heroes. From recording and music production… graphic design and printing… vinyl wraps for your tour bus… “merch” design and development… video production… to talent development, the guys at Ultimate Force Records and Entertainment Group are ready to help you on your way to super-stardom or to make you a legend in your own mind.

While talking to the owner/operating duo and long-time friends and business partners of Rob “Big Rob“ Martinez and Ernz LeBrun (aka DJ Sporty Black), it didn’t take long to realize these guys really know what they are doing and have extensive experience in the music production business. After a brief tour of the production studio, which is constantly undergoing upgrades, I was very impressed with the great deal of attention to detail and the quality of the state of the art equipment being used. But, seeing (and hearing in this case) is believing. So, Martinez and LeBrun invited me into the control room of the recording studio to listen to some tracks of various artists that have recorded in the new studio. After listening to a half dozen or so tracks I was convinced that I was dealing with top notched professionals. The only reason there are no gold or platinum records/CD’s adorning the walls of the facility is because it is only a few months old. However, I get the feeling it wont be long before the precious metals find their way into the Naples, Florida business. I quickly got the impression that I was in the presence of two future music moguls. Martinez’s very focused insight of the business aspect of the partnership, and LeBrun’s gift for the creative side, seemed to be a perfect blend for certain success. But the two men assured me that working with recording artists is only part of what they were all about. Doing sound beds for TV and radio commercials and working on completion of an infomercial for a local fitness program has kept them busy.  Best friends since childhood, the two were able to finish each others sentences during the course of my interview. “Music is in our blood” says LeBrun, “We are just doing what we love” Martinez added. Apart from their friendship they share many of the same interests which ultimately lead to the business partnership. When the two aren’t working at the studio they both enjoy DJ’ing for various local night spots and private affairs. Heavily influenced by early DJ pioneers, the two confessed they were both immediately hooked when they saw their first “turn table.” Martinez’s most influentially profound moment came while in the St. Pete / Ebor City area and LeBrun’s came while on a trip to New York. Both men are also musicians… Martinez enjoys playing drums and LeBrun showed me a few of his keyboard skills while in the studio and demonstrated an advanced understanding of music theory and both are also ASCAP members.

To demonstrate how they provide services to local bands and solo performers they offered to let me experiment in the studio. So, I uncased my guitar and jumped into the isolation booth and started strummin’ and hummin’ the first tune that came to mind. A few minutes later LeBrun announced “Got It! I’ll fix it in the mix and email you a copy after I add a few instrumental tracks”. You can hear a clip of the finished product by logging on to The guys at Ultimate Force Records and Entertainment Group have their work cut out for them if Rock-Stardom is in my future but if you think you have what it takes…I highly recommend a consultation session at the new Naples studio. Contact...

Ultimate Force Records and Entertainment.

Naples, Florida


Story By Moony Mann