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Mixing and mastering is no stranger to us. Do you need that extra sparkle, punch, and clarity out of your songs? We can give you that and more, using state‐of‐the‐art software and equipment. We will let our mixes speak for themselves. Listen to our work samples below and then fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get started.

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Non-Exclusive Beat Policy

Non-Exclusive Beat Policy

Ultimate Force Records Electronic Contract-(Standard Lease Sample)

All electronic standard leases will be stored on’s leasing database.


Electronic Contract- This is a Digital Contract for any Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black original musical compositions
purchased on This contract can be for one or more musical compositions.
Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black has full ownership of all compositions and records of all transactions that will entitle a
client of their purchase regarding this binding agreement.

Terms and Conditions

I. The musical compositions, sounds, and tags are sold by Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black will remain the property of
Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black. The original compositions are licensed and not sold for use in any musical, artistic, business and multimedia financial exclusive gain. You can use standard leased beats for sale in album, mix-tape, or single paid internet download. All standard leases are royalty free. Licensee may sale unlimited copies through the specified mediums.

Producer information must be on information list.

Example Credits
Music produced by Sporty Black
Music © 2012 All Rights Reserved.
MP3 Files Must Include - Produced by Sporty Black

II .The right to use Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black musical compositions is granted to the Licensee. This license grants
Licensee the non-exclusive right to use Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black musical compositions so long as credit is given to
Sporty Black.

III. It is specifically implicit and agreed upon that Licensee does not acquire any ownership rights or any
primary copyrights, and that Licensor retains all rights in the musical compositions obtained from
Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black.

IV. The License prohibits resale or other distribution of Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black musical compositions. Licensee
cannot sell, loan, lease, disperse, or reassign all or any of the products sold under Ultimate Force Records / Sporty Black to
another user, or for use in any competitive product.


V. PayPal, check, or money order are accepted as forms of payments for musical
compositions or products. Personal or financial information will not be exposed to in
any way. Licensee Credit Card transactions will be secured and will not be disclosed to others.

Product Download

VI. Once a product is purchased, an instant download will be available in High- Quality. There is
however, NO REFUNDS

VII. Once a client has purchased a beat, the client information will be placed in leasing database. The database contains the client’s name, beat name, time purchased, phone number, and amount paid.

Unofficial use or replication is a violation of this agreement. Any infringement of copyright will be
pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

Saturday, 17 December 2011 16:32

Another Favorite

Music Producer MDL

The super-talented music producer MdL recently swung by our site. While we interviewed him, we found out that he already has a pretty nice track record to show off. Both his versatility and creativity has brought him into the studio to work on projects that included Jackie Boyz, Justin Bieber, Midi Mafia, New Boyz, Lindsay Vinarsky, and a bunch of other musical talents that extend into other genres (for an in-depth discography, make sure you go to his myspace!).

How long have you been creating music?

I have been involved in music for quite some time now. Played the flute, harmonica, and guitar during my elementary years, but have been creating my own music since age 15.

Do you happen to use the same mixing program that you used back when you started?

It's ironic that lately I've returned to using one of my preliminary sequencers, FL Studio. I used to force myself to stop using it because of its notoriety for being "amateur" software.



Saturday, 17 December 2011 11:13

J.R. Rotem Producer

Music Producer, Song Writer, President
Contact Information

In looking at J.R. Rotem’s accomplishments as a music producer, song writer and record label president, one can’t believe just how much this super music man has achieved in the past four years.

In 2005, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Game, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna and most of the other top names in the music industry found a new collaborator in producer songwriter J.R. Rotem.

By 2006, the list grew to include Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Mario, Lil Scrappy, Jojo, Mobb Deep, JLo and Natasha Bedingfield, just to name a few. By the end of the year, J.R. Rotem was named by MTV, along with Timbaland and Swizz Beats, as “Super Producer” of the year. From producing Rihanna’s worldwide #1 single “S.O.S.” to securing a joint venture label deal with Epic/Sony, J.R. had become an unstoppable producer.  

Friday, 16 December 2011 22:45

Dr. Dre Beat Box

Get More: Music News


His new favorite is the Beatbox


Dr. Dre at the unveiling of Beats By Dre on October 11, 2011While fans are still eagerly awaiting Detox, Dr. Dre can at least ensure that when the much-anticipated album does arrive, fans will have a vast array of premium listening options.




Last week, the Good Doctor was in New York along with Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine to unveil the latest Beats by Dre headphone line. While Dre had much to say about the David Guetta-inspired DJ headphone and a wireless set, he seemed particularly fond of the new Beats boombox and iPod dock.

According to Dre, he has a Beatbox in every room of his house and even uses the speakers to judge his studio mixes. "Before now, I've always taken my mixes out to the car and listened to them in the parking lot," the Doc told MTV News. "I still do that, but more so now I'm listening to it on the Beatbox, and I think people should give it at least a listen and check it out and see what it is."

Not that his car isn't an option. In April, Beats by Dre announced a partnership with Chrysler, which would place a Beats-designed sound system into the new Chrysler 300S. Ever the pitchman, Dre compared the 300S to a Bentley.

"Yeah, the Chrysler, that sounds incredible," Dre boasted. "They actually pulled the Chrysler up to my driveway and we compared the sound to the stock system that's in the Bentley, and I don't hear the difference."


Sunday, 11 December 2011 09:25

Studio Rates

 Recording Rates $40.00 an hour for a basic mix.

logic mix

Decide what elements are essential to the mix. This includes the important instruments in the arrangement as well as peripheral sounds that make a recording special. Listen to your song carefully. Decide what elements are absolutely essential. Figure out what instruments and sounds add something magic to the song. Get rid of sounds that detract from the overall vision of the song. This is often a difficult decision, but a necessary one to make a song as direct as possible. Of course, if you're mixing down a sound collage or an experimental piece, the rules apply in a slightly different way.

Make sure as a singer or vocalist you are well rehearsed, physically comfortable, and under no psychological pressure. Most singers perform best standing up in a room that has a comfortable but not over-warm temperature. If they are distracted by other members of the band or by hangers-on, send everyone but the engineer (and producer, if you have one) out of the studio.


Don't settle for anything less than the best vocal performance you can get, and don't expect to get it all perfect in one take. More often than not you'll have to punch in and out around phrases that need re-doing, but if you have enough tracks, get the singer to do the whole song several times and then compile a track from the best parts of each take. You can do this on tape by bouncing the required parts to a spare track, but hard disk editing is much more flexible in this respect.


Mastering Rates $190.00 per song or $850 for a full lenth Album up to 12 songs.

mixrescuemastering lNo song is complete without a master. Our mastering service brings more depth, maximizes loudness, widens the stereo image, and brings all of the parts of your song together! We pride ourselves on giving you a record that is commercial release quality; "radio ready" is the term in the business. Each song is carefully tweaked and crafted to perfection, not just run through a couple of presets. It doesn't matter whether you want to do 1 song or a full album make your songs stand out with our mastering service.

 Analog or digital? YOU choose!

 The debate over using analog tapes, warm tube compressors and enhancers vs. precise, high-performance digital equipment will always be a hot topic. The truth is that it depends on the style of music. 

If you're making an rock album (a la U2 or The Killers) OR a jazz album you're better off using analog gear. If you're making an pop album you'll want to use digital equipment to give it the sonic clarity of today's commercial pop songs.

When you order mixing from StudioPros, YOU can choose the way we master your song, or you can let us choose for you.

What do you need to send us?

You need to send us a your tracks, as individual WAV/AIFF files bounced from the beginning of your project in the highest resolution possible. You'll be able to upload it directly to our site after completing your order, or you can mail a CD to our studio. Our turnaroud time is 48 hours from the moment we recieve your files.
* You don't have to upload your files right after completing your order. You can order now and upload your files in a few weeks.

Here are a few tips:
- Save yourself the stamp and upload your files directly to our site. This is the fastest way to get your mix done. You can upload up to 3GB - which is more than enough. 
- Zip/(Archive) your files before uploading them. It will make the upload process shorter and won't damage your files in any way.
- No 'pre-mixing' is needed. Don't send us a mix you've tried to master yourself. Simply send your mix without any compression and, if possible, no limiting.


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