CouponPages.Com Expansion Gains Momentum Through Network Marketing Initiative

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Now that we’ve cleared a path for Network Marketers, the interest in expanding into cities (and even countries) has gone through the roof!

Staten Island, NY (PRWEB) February 29, 2012

CouponPages.Com has returned to its roots by re-introducing a network marketing component, which was a key component in its initial growth.

Although the new Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) / Network Marketing program was a fixture in its early days in the late 90s, that program was quietly withdrawn in 1999 due to contractual obligations that prevented the company from recruiting new partners. In the original program, partners who sold advertising on the site were encouraged to recruit additional partners by a generous share of the revenue.

“I am so glad we’ve re-introduced network marketing to our Partner Program. It was pivotal in our original growth and it has always been the most common request of new Partners,” said Joe Crescenzi, founder of CouponPages.Com. “The incentive to recruit was so critical to our growth that I couldn’t even imagine getting to a fraction of our size if we didn’t have that program in place from day one.”

“One key reason network marketing was so pivotal was because CouponPages is a national company that focuses on local merchants. The only way to reach local merchants nationwide is to find new reps in cities across the nation and there is nothing better than network marketing to encourage our people to recruit.”

Unlike a lot of network marketing programs that feature very low commissions, CouponPages offers commissions as high as 50%, with recruiting incentives of 5 to 20%, with the highest commissions going directly to the people who bring in sales and people responsible for recruiting them.

“We adopted the name ‘Partner Program’ for a reason,” says Crescenzi. “We truly want our representatives to know they are our partners. It’s not just a title. They work hard representing us to merchants in their home towns, so I want them to earn the lion’s share of each sale, and when they recruit a new Partner, I want them to earn a substantial reward for each sale their recruit brings in.” added Crescenzi.

“Now that we’ve cleared a path for Network Marketers, the interest in expanding into cities (and even countries) has gone through the roof!” added Crescenzi.

Although there are many pricing options available, depending on the number of zip codes, local merchants typically pay $599 per year for a coupon-page listed in 5 zip codes.

CouponPages.Com is one of the oldest and largest printable coupon sites that features printable coupons from local merchants. 100% of the coupons on CouponPages.Com are printable. The site does not feature “Coupon Codes” that are used to buy things online. “Every coupon on the site is a printable offer you can use in your own backyard,” says Joe Crescenzi.

For more information about the CouponPages Partner Program, contact Brian Walsh at 732-637-8300 or at Brian(at)CouponPages(dot)Com.