How I Use Instagram to Promote My Photography Business

I like photography, but there are so many out there now that call themselves photographers. What makes it even worse is the lack of a discerning eye of most of the people who look at pictures, especially ones posted online. Yes, you can snap a pic with a cellphone that looks good. However, there is really no comparison to using a high-end pro DSLR to capture an image. I like people to see the difference between pro and amateur photography. Not long ago I would buy Instagram followers to build up my Instagram. I wanted to get my work out there in front of more eyes, and the Instagram algorithm was not helping me.

I had to get followers to get my work seen, and I could not get followers without people seeing the pics. Sort of a catch twenty-two situation.So, I decided to by a big batch of followers on Instagram to boost my account to the point that my work looked like stuff people wanted to really see. Then it was promoted to be seen by others. Then I got a lot of followers who followed my Instagram because they liked what they see. I was taking a shortcut around the system to get established faster. The people that really do like my work stick with following me and like my pictures all the time. This is what is keeping my numbers up now. I just needed to get me followers up front. When I decided to buy Instagram followers, it boosted my account up fast.

I no longer have to be in the shadows of social media with my work. I now have a lot of followers who get to see the difference a professional photographer can make to any scene. This helps me sell prints like I could not do before. It increases the perception of value of my work too.