Locals put up $2000 reward to find kangaroo’s killers

A CASH reward for information about the mutilation of a kangaroo in Bendigo last Friday is gathering pace, with local residents adding their own contributions to help find those responsible.

Bendigo business Australian Social Network Marketing put forward $500 for any tip-offs leading to details on who was involved in the incident at Coles car park.

Director Tom Bailey said he hoped the money would act as an incentive for people to come forward.

Other local residents who heard about the story then added to the kitty, which has grown to more than $2000.

Bendigo Spirit and Opals basketballer Kristi Harrower was one local horrified by the incident.

“I just found it absolutely disgusting,” she said. “I don’t understand how people can do stuff like that. I hope they find them and it’s not just a smack on the hand.”

Another donor toward the fund, BLS financial services managing director Adam Mackenzie said he hoped the party responsible would do the right thing and hand themselves in.

Mr Mackenzie has offered $1000 toward the fund. “I’m fairly disturbed by the whole thing and just hoping it’s put to rest. That person needs to realise that it’s not going to be tolerated in our community,” he said.

Mr Bailey said within hours of putting forward the idea he’d received several leads in anonymous emails.

“There’s been a lot of name-dropping already,” he said.

All emails were forwarded to police, with one man in his 20s mentioned multiple times.

“I was expecting that people would start to come forward. The fact that they’re not having to go directly to the police helps and I think it’s pretty clear the person or people responsible will be caught.”

One email forwarded to police last night named a man and said “people that were there said he put it in a trolley and pushed it down the steps”.