$125.00 A SONG UP TO 6 STEMS | $250.00 A SONG UP TO 18 STEMS  |  $300.00 A SONG UP TO 26 STEMS

Mixing and mastering is what we do. Do you need that extra edge, punch, and clarity out of your songs? We can give you that and more, using state‐of‐the‐art software and equipment. We will let our mixes speak for themselves. After listening to samples below, you can then start uploading your stems right from this page. PLEASE NOTE THAT LARGE FILES WILL TAKE SOME TIME TO UPLOAD. Allow about 4 minutes for every 60 Megabytes uploaded. Once we instantly get your files allow up to 48 hours turn around time for your mastered song.

Preparing a mix for stem mastering involves grouping your instruments into individual stems. We accept up to 8 stems per song, and as a general rule you want to group similar instruments together. An example set of stems would be: Percussion, lead vocals, backup vocals, rhythm guitars, lead guitar, and bass. The stems you submit can be separated any way that will give our engineer the best options to work with for your project. As with all mastering projects you should leave -3db to -6db of headroom and remove any master bus processing from each stem. Stems should all be the exact same length and start and stop at the same time (this is crucial so the tracks line up when they are mixed together.