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In a move that rocked the Network Marketing industry, EvolvHealth announced today that Chris Tinney has joined forces to promote the e84 Challenge:

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 10, 2012

EvolvHealth announced that Chris Tinney has joined forces with Evolv to promote the e84 Challenge ( on the Internet and social networks like Facebook, Linked-in, and many others.

In announcing his move, Tinney said, “EvolvHealth is the first to marry social networking and network marketing, thereby creating a unique and powerful way for people to build a strong income online, when they do things they’re already doing every day on websites like Facebook, Google+, Linked-in and others.”

Tinney has already launched a new online community for EvolvHealth designed to take advantage of the new EvolvHealth Applications, called the Bodhi Group (, and he and his leaders are now hosting private conference calls with Network Marketing Leaders looking to make money now using the simple, innovative social network marketing tools EvolvHealth provides.

Chris Tinney is renowned for being the architect and Founder of the social network which helped launch the #1 most successful independent film of all time on (“The Secret”) and for using leading edge internet strategies to break records in the Network Marketing Industry. The Social Network he created around “The Secret” went on to become the official online community for the movie, and his numerous websites, online communities and forums such as have become trusted guides in the network marketing industry.

EvolvHealth Chairman and Co-Founder Trey White said, “We’re excited to welcome the talent and experience Chris Tinney brings to Evolv. We’re sharing the positive change of the e84 Challenge with 8.4 million people, which will ultimately help many millions of families around the world, and we’re excited to work in partnership with leaders like Chris Tinney and his team in achieving our mission.”

In explaining his move, Chris Tinney said, “EvolvHealth is destined to be the next giant in the Industry. The tools they’re already providing their distributors – for free – are quickly becoming the Gold Standard in the network marketing and direct sales industry. Evolv’s simple texting strategy for acquiring both consumers and business-builders, called “TEXT – SHARE – PARTY,” is unique in the industry and creating fast growth and strong incomes. All of this positions EvolvHealth as the market leader and company to watch. In short, what they have done is make success achievable for anyone with a cell phone or a Facebook account.”

“For the past few years the network marketing industry has struggled to keep pace with the changing landscape. EvolvHealth is the first to recognize those changes and capitalize on them by providing distributors easy-to-use Facebook and cell phone applications – for free. Other companies such as MonaVie, Visalus, Organo Gold, NuSkin, Herbalife, and ForeverGreen will have to follow Evolv’s lead, or risk being left behind.”

“EvolvHealth is experiencing hyper growth because of a lot of factors, but one of the top reasons is the Evolv Compensation Plan that pays the new Distributor early and often, and their unique Customer Program allowing consumers the ability to enjoy free products by referring only 3 others. Everyone loves ‘free stuff,’ and EvolvHealth has given their Members a powerful program to capitalize on that fact.”

“I’m privileged to work with Top EvolvHealth Distributors, Sylvia and Garrett McGrath, and a corporate team that enjoys a successful, proven track record. As an early mover in Social Marketing, EvolvHealth has positioned itself to break industry records.”

Asked what his personal e84 Challenge was, Tinney said he is doing 84 days of random acts of kindness. This came as no surprise, as Chris and his wife Tysha are also the Founders of Spread Peace USA (, a non-profit that has served more than 75,000 meals to the homeless and those in need. Chris and Tysha are excited to expand their charity’s outreach by joining forces with EvolvHealth.


EvolvHealth is a health movement company that has set an initial goal to help 8.4 million people to realize their health, fitness, wellness and life goals by completing their own e84 Challenge. The e84 Challenge is powered by 4 core categories to creating better health: Nutrition, Exercise, Energy and Support. Evolv’s exclusive line of products and technologies are backed by science and proven results, and the e84 is supported by a one-of-a-kind Facebook App that helps Challengers stick to their e84 in a fun, social media format to reach their goals. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Evolv products and the e84 is marketed through a network of independent business owners in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru. Please visit for more information about EvolvHealth.