Startup Expert Updates Website to Better Help New Entrepreneurs

In the quest to help new entrepreneurs develop and launch their business ideas, Startup Expert has added new features to its website. Initially, the company started as an entrepreneurial advisory service that helped develop a new entrepreneur’s business idea in the earliest stage.

Over time, the company realized that it’s customers would see enhanced results with a suite of web based services that was available around their schedule.

Startup Expert believes that there are 4 core stages to a startup including:

Idea – The stage in which a business idea is conceived and validated.

Prototype – The stage in which the idea is turned into a tangible product.

Launch – The stage in which the product is introduced to the world.

Acceleration – The stage in which the startup metrics have been calculated and it’s time to grow.

As a result, the company has developed the following services:

LaunchPad – A launch system containing action plans, task checklists and access to recommended vendors.

Monthly Webinars – Online seminars discussing important principles of entrepreneurship.

Strategy Support – Unlimited email support and weekly phone support to overcome any challenges an entrepreneur faces.

Accountability Coach – A coach that keeps entrepreneurs motivated and helps with prioritization and time management.

Business Advisory Team – A network of professionals that answer questions and execute work needed by an entrepreneur.

Research Assistance – A research service that saves time by enabling a new entrepreneur to let Startup Expert research the information they desire.

Startup Expert has developed this suite of tools based on the analysis of how its customers progress through the launch process and it will continually enhance these services.

About Startup Expert

Startup Expert is an entrepreneur development program that helps new entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia and to learn more visit The company offers a free demo and is willing to assist new entrepreneurs in their startup endeavors. For more information, call 1.866.910.4024.