The Joy of Giving Lessons

When my daughter was old enough to be responsible enough to take care of an instrument, I asked her what she wanted to play. She told me she had loved hearing violins in music and would love to play that instrument. I decided for her birthday to find her a violin class in Singapore to go to and to learn. When her birthday came up, me and my husband gave her a violin. She looked up at us and said “I don’t know how to play!” and my husband got to tell her that we got her lessons. She was so excited!

The first lesson she had, she was so nervous and kept asking if we were doing the right thing and was worried that she was going to fail at playing. I told her she was going to be fine and that practice makes perfect. Even if she didn’t do good this go around, she had other chances to learn how to play. She had calmed down by the time we got to the class, but was still a little nervous.

The class itself had about 10 or 15 other kids there learning. All of them on their first actual day of lessons and were eager and scared to learn. A young boy dropped his violin causing a stir and soon class began. For the first lesson, the parents were allowed to sit in and watch. It was so special being able to see a timid child who had no idea how to properly hold their violin turn into a confident child playing a scale of notes from low to high pitch. My daughter looked back at me after she completed her scale and was all smiles and that was worth more to me than anything else.

As time went on, children in the class got better. The violin lessons were paying off and the class had a concert at the end of 6 months to show off what they had learned. Thinking back to the first time, it was amazing to see such talent in what started out as a small class of nerves.