Tips In Selling Beats

Four Basic Tips for selling beats.

1. Make Beat Making Videos

Some people may not want to get in front of the camera, but this can really help with exposure. There are many people online that want to learn. These people become fans and follow you and can possibly become buyers of your music.
I want to use Boon Doc as an example. He currently have 6,558 Youtube subscribers. I did a interview with Boon Doc, I asked him how has about how Youtube has helped him and he said “It had helped tremendously with exposure.  People are posting and discussing my videos all over the place at websites and forums that I’ve never even seen or heard of before.” He pointed out how it has helped with beats sales, finding new artist to collaborate with, and big name people like Ryan Leslie getting in contact with him.

One of my other favorite Youtube music makers is Ronald Jenkees who has a whopping 77,429 subscribers, and his video views range from 95k to 3 million views. This can defiantly help you build a name for yourself.
So online videos can help a lot.

Cameras like this look cool for online video, Kodak Zi6 Pocket HD Camcorder, and its under $200.

2. Participate in Forums

I have been in many music forums where certain producers have built great names for themselves. They do this in a couple ways like having great answers to people questions, sharing music making tips, giving good feedback, and producing good music. Participating in forums also allows you to keep update with what is going on with music, learn new techniques, and get feedback on your music.

In the past I did a post on 9 music forums you should participate in.

Side note, please don’t become a forum jerk, someone that has nothing to share, and just replies to a thread because they are bored, and gives just stupid answers. Just work on building a good name for yourself.

3. Promote! Promote! Promote!

Put a web address in you email signature, forum signature, and on blogs when you leave a comment in the URL section. This helps me a lot, I leave a comment on other music blogs randomly, and I can see traffic coming from all kind of sites because of it.

Also use Myspace to get people to listen to your music. Post a Myspace bulletin once a week when you have new music. But don’t be one of the people that do 10 bulletins a day, that’s spammy, and isn’t a good look for you.

4. Give Away Free Beats

This can be good depending on the situation. Maybe you give away 2 to 3 decent beats in a forum, and this can help bring people to your site to possibly buy some higher quality beats.

Also exchange for exposure by having a DJ or rapper saying your name & Myspace address.

For example I did a interview with Eyetel , and he spoke about how he gave out a free beat CD and the rapper Crooked I ended up rapping over one of his beats. So free isn’t always bad.

As a web designer I have done free projects in the past, and it has opened the door to me to other projects.